Air Handler Repair In Jersey Village, TX

Air Handler Repair In Jersey Village, Cypress, Katy, TX, and Surrounding Areas

The air handler is a part of the air conditioning system installed in the residence’s interior. Air handlers consist of essential components that help cool down the house’s temperature. Contact us today for the best Air Handler Repair In Jersey Village, Cypress, Katy, TX, and Surrounding Areas.

Due to improper maintenance, the air handler may develop issues that will affect the comfort of the room. That’s why you should keep an eye on the air handler for irregular behavior.

Importance of air handler in the AC system

An air conditioning system is an assembly of different valuable components. The compressor, condenser, evaporator, and expansion valve – are the four components that play a vital role in processing the refrigerant to absorb the warmth from the indoor air. We also provide AC repair in Katy, TX, and the surrounding areas as per your HVAC repair needs.

The outdoor unit consists of a compressor and condenser that processes the refrigerant to absorb heat from the atmosphere. The air handler consists of the expansion valve and evaporator coils. The responsibilities of these components are:

  • Expansion Unit: The expansion unit reduces the refrigerant pressure and temperature. It makes the refrigerant cooler and manages the refrigerant flow rate to the evaporator.
  • Evaporator: The heat transfers between the refrigerant and indoor air when the chilled refrigerant passes through the coils. The refrigerant absorbs the heat from the indoor air surrounding the evaporator coil.

Problems in the air handler that needs AC repair

Here are the problems that may make the air handler work inappropriately:

  • Blower Fan Blade Issues: The fan blade can get damaged during the operation, and it might lead to a noisy AC operation. Call the air handler repair technician to replace the fan because it will impact the airflow and reduce the cooling efficiency.
  • Dirty AC Vents: Dirty AC vents can block the airflow and lead to inefficient cooling air services. Check the AC vents if you feel they are blowing insufficient air. It is advised to service your HVAC system at recommended intervals. Reach out to our AC service in Hedwig Village, TX.
  • Leakage Issue: The evaporator coil can be why water is dripping from the air handler. The evaporator coils start to freeze when dust accumulates on the surface.
  • Electrical Problems: There is extensive wiring connecting different components in the blower assembly. Issues in the electrical wiring can mess up the functioning of the blower motor and capacitors that power the fan.

Tips to keep the air handler in good condition

According to air handler repair experts, repairing evaporator coils can be as expensive as fixing compressors and condenser issues. That is why our AC experts recommend you take preventive measures to protect yourself from costly repair expenses:

  • Call the AC professional for maintenance to clean the evaporator coil’s surface and AC vents.
  • Experts advise minimizing the use of heating appliances when the AC system is working.
  • Replace the air filter before the summer season starts.
  • Clean the air filter and condenser coils monthly to prevent dust from accumulating on the surface.
  • Keep an eye on the irregularities in the functioning and call the technician immediately if you feel something is wrong.

Call Fintastic Cooling and Heating experts if you face any HVAC issues

The technicians can find inexpensive solutions to problems if you report them in the beginning stage. Fintastic Cooling and Heating¬†experts will take prompt actions to resolve your issues and restore the quality of comfort. Call (713) 690-9021 and let our experienced and skilled experts handle your house’s comfort problems.

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