Mini-Split Maintenance In Jersey Village, TX

Mini-Split Maintenance In Jersey Village, Cypress, Katy, TX, and Surrounding Areas

Why look for two different HVAC systems to make summer and winter comfortable when you can get two-in-one HVAC equipment? This two-in-one HVAC is a mini-split. A mini-split system can provide hot and cool air at different temperature levels to individual rooms without using ductwork.

Such a system consists of multiple indoor units. Each unit gets connected to one outdoor unit through a refrigerant line. Therefore, air ducts are not required to transfer the air. The only difference between both systems is the absence and presence of duct lines.

However, the single difference affects the maintenance requirement for mini-split AC. The mini-split will not need two maintenance services required by the central air conditioning unit, i.e., ductwork inspection and air duct cleaning. Rest all other maintenance requirements are the same. Because of this reason, a mini-split AC is easier and less costly to maintain than a ducted AC. At Fintastic Cooling and Heating also provides reputation AC installation in Jersey Village, TX, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today!

Annual Mini-Split Maintenance: The Entire Process

Like central air conditioning, a mini-split also requires servicing twice annually. The most suitable times for annual AC maintenance are late spring and early fall. The maintenance services provided by the HVAC contractor are:

  • AC Performance Test: The first task any HVAC technician will do after visiting your residence for AC maintenance is to examine its performance. The technician will turn your AC on for some time and observe if it’s working. It will give the HVAC professional an idea about what is perfect and not perfect in your AC.
  • System Inspection: After examining the AC cooling, the technician will inspect all indoor and outdoor AC components. This inspection is essential to understand the condition of AC parts.
  • Wiring Inspection: Although the condenser, motor, compressor, blower, etc., are the main AC components, wiring also plays a vital role in AC performance. Thus, the technician will next check the power cables and fuse box to verify whether these are intact or not.
  • Entire Unit Cleaning: Entire AC unit cleaning is the most valuable and essential part of AC maintenance. This service maximizes the efficiency of your AC for longer.
  • Fixing Minor Faults: The technician will fix minor defects like loose bolts, bent fan blades, and cracked or broken components.
  • Replacing the Damaged Part: At the end of the annual maintenance, the AC technician may also replace the damaged AC part only if required. Otherwise, the AC maintenance ends with minor repairs or you can opt for best-in-class AC replacement in Jersey Village, TX, and the nearby localities with our professional team.

These are the basic steps included in annual servicing. However, an AC unit replacement is an additional service you may need if the condition of your AC is too bad to fix. Along with the yearly servicing, you can also do a few things to avoid multiple defects repair needs and premature replacement. The tasks you can do without professional help are filter replacement, indoor and outdoor shading, and time-to-time unit cleaning.

Everyone looks for a combination of experience and an affordable price while scheduling an annual mini-split maintenance service. You can get this combination at Fintastic Cooling and Heating. Our skilled technician will ensure you never have to sacrifice your comfort because of poor HVAC. Schedule service today to get the best and budget-friendly HVAC services.

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